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 Saturday 14th April

Myo-fascia Release for Mobility & Rehabilitation with Hassan (13:45  – 15:00)

Muscular tension occurs naturally as a result of being static as well intense training, and can lead to reduced mobility and possible injuries. In this workshop Hassan will take you through tension release techniques that are linked to the main energy points in the body which you engage during functional and weight training, using a variety of trigger point tools. The techniques are simple yet highly effective; if performed on a daily basis, you will notice visible improvements in your mobility and performance. Get ready to relax the central nervous system!

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 Sunday 15th April

Bringing Booty Back with Coco (14:30  – 15:45 )

The strongest yet most under-utilised muscle in your body is your booty! It is essential to activate and strengthen it in order to ensure a strong muscular-skeletal system and, fundamentally, long term spinal health. Join Coco for this ass-kicking workshop where she will take you through the correct techniques for squatting, lunging, dead lifts and more to achieve glute activation, growth and maintenance. Coco will show you how to use a variety of equipment including resistance bands, blocks and free-weights to work your way to a perky, peachy derriere!

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