6 week Body transformation package

  • What The Package Includes:

    • Body Evaluation
    • 4 Personal Training Sessions Per Week for 6 Weeks
    • Food Prep – for 5 Days in the Week, you will receive 3 tailored meals per day based around your calorific needs throughout the full 6 week duration
    • Ongoing SMS and Email support through the duration


    Benefits of this package:

    • Guaranteed Results
    • Perfect Way in getting ready for your holiday, wedding or seasonal event
    • Perfect for staying on track for your goal
    • Increased nutritional awareness and education
    • Great for creating new habits and lifestyle changes

6 week Structural integrity and functional movement package

  • What The Package Includes:

    • Body functionality evaluation
    • 4 Personal Training Sessions per Week for 6 weeks
    • 2 Massage Therapy Sessions



    Benefits of this package:

    • All sessions will use techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release to improve postural alignment throughout the body
    • This package will help release stress and tension that you may feel throughout your body creating an increased range of movement and flexibility
    • Great way to combat stress from your work place