Fit Club Kitchen LDN specialize in making delicious, nutritious and satiating meal plans for our clients to optimize their athletic performance, recovery time and achieve body transformation goals.

Fit Club Kitchen LDN prides itself on using organic, locally sourced ingredients which we cook sustainably. Clients can pick up their meals twice a week so they are #alwaysfreshneverboring.

Fit Club Kitchen LDN has been catering for our clients since 2010. Most of our customers do not have the time or struggle to prepare their meals in the quantities and proportion of macronutrients to aid with healthy digestion and hormonal balance.

Our standard meals are under 500 calories and contain no hydrogenated fats. They are free from refined sugar and gluten-free options of every meal type is available.

We also prepare bespoke macro-tracked meals for competitive athletes and fitness models; if you are interested in this service please send an enquiry to

Breakfast Pot

£250per serve
  • Chia seed, organic cocoa and honey/muesli yogurt pot

Breakfast Pancakes

£350per serve
  • Serve with organic honey

Main Course Vegan

£750per serve
  • Vegan

Main Course Meaty

£850per serve
  • Chicken/Lamb/Beef

Main Course Seafood

£950per serve
  • Fish/Prawns/Other seafood options

Desserts: Contact us for more information Contact us

**For corporate discounts (>4 orders per office) please Contact us

Once we received your order, we prepare your meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner and deliver them at the LDN  Fit Club twice a week. You get three days worth of prep at a time. They are consumable within that time frame. Simply microwave or can be eaten cold!