You may ask yourself why bother with a health assessment? The simple answer is for your safety and precise programming. You would simply be guessing if you were to start a therapy or training programme without a professional carrying out an assessment.

There are a number of ways to assess an individual. Any one person is not the same so the assessment will never be generic.

From a mobility and functional assessment to a sports conditioning assessment, our Sports Therapists and Personal Trainers will consult with you and design an assessment accordingly. Once the assessment is carried out we will provide you with feedback, discuss your options and the best course of action moving forward so that you can become that better you, feeling stronger and healthier than ever before primarily improving your overall health, wellbeing and life longevity.

So, why would you need a Health Assessment? And is it for you?

Below are just some of the reasons that you just might need to justify utilising this service, compare yourself to a car and not having an M.O.T for that car each year.  Just like your car you to need an M.O.T and maintenance checks on a regular basis

  • Lack of mobility in and around your body

  • If you are experiencing lower back pain or pain/discomfort throughout the body

  • Muscular imbalances

  • Sports specific training e.g. marathons, triathlons and/or any combat sports

  • Strength and Conditioning training

  • Pre and Post Natal

  • Fat loss

  • Metabolic conditioning

The list is endless so invest in yourself today and make that change that your body needs to live a happier more functional, stronger and enjoyable life!

The first step is a consultation where you will complete a lifestyle questionnaire looking at reasons why you want to invest in a lifestyle change and possible reasons you have allowed yourself to get into the position you are or are not in at present. The more information we obtain the better we can serve your needs and assist you in your health, wellbeing and lifestyle changes.

A top to toe assessment designed around your goals consisting of, and not limited to:

(Our assessments are not generic, they are tailored to the individual and therefore may change from person to person)

  • Identifying muscular imbalances and weaknesses

  • Observing core stability and function

  • Checking for those Lazy muscles (muscles not firing up when they are supposed to)

  • Postural alignment (head to toe)

  • Body functionality

  • Blood pressure

  • Body fat %

  • Peak flow

  • VO2 max

  • Weight and body measurements

  • Some technique practice

The above is not a fitness test as some assume but rather an observation to ensure that we design and plan the most effective sports therapy or/ and training plan as possible.

Health Assessment